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5 Secret Tips for Your Display Screen

Having troubled with headache when working too long in front of computer? Display screen is an important factor to keep your eyes optimal when working in computer. These areĀ 5 Secret Tips for Your Display Screen that can help you to protect your eyes.

Optimise-your-screen-to-reduce-eye-strain 5 Secret Tips for Your Display Screen

1. Reduce flicker on older monitors in Windows XP

if you are using a CRT monitor you can reduce its flicker effect – as well as your the strain on your eyes – by increasing the monitor’s refresh rate. These are the steps how to Reduce Flicker and Increasing Monitor Refresh Rate in Windows XP

  1. Right click your desktop
  2. Click properties
  3. The settings tab
  4. Advance button
  5. Then go to the monitor tab
  6. Next, Click the “screen refresh rate” box
  7. Select the maximum number of Hertz in the dropdown menu

Another factor which may be causing your screen to flicker is hardware acceleration. Repeat the previous steps up to the Advance button stage, then click the Troubleshooting tab. Here, you can move the “Hardware acceleration” slider anywhere between none and full. Bear in mind, while a lower setting might reduce monitor flicker, it may also drain your PC’s resources and slowing it down.

2. Calibrate your display using Windows built in calibration tool

If you do colour-sensitive work on your computer – such as editing and printing your own photos – or if you just want to maintain high-quality screen images, you should calibrate your screen once a month using Windows built in calibration tool. If you have just switched on your PC, wait 20 – 30 minutes for your screen to warm up properly. In Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1, You can use following steps to calibrate your display screen.

  1. Click the start button
  2. Type “calibrate” into search bar
  3. Click “calibrate display color” in the search results
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions in the new window to set your screen’s optimal brightness, contrast and colour.
How-to-calibrate-display-screen 5 Secret Tips for Your Display Screen

Keep your screen optimised with Windows calibration tool at least once a month

3. How to view your screen easily in direct sunlight

Sunlight glare can render your screen hard to view. While you may have encountered the High Contrast theme that’s been an option in Windows for many years, you may not realise that it can significantly improve visibility when your screen is bathed in sunlight. To switch on High Contrast you can do these steps

  1. Hold down left shift
  2. Press left alt + print screen
  3. Click yes in the new dialogue box

How-to-turn-on-high-contrast-Windows-7 5 Secret Tips for Your Display Screen

If you do not use keyboard shortcut

  1. Right click your desktop
  2. Click personalize
  3. Scroll down in the new window to “basic and high contrast themes”
  4. Click a high contrast theme of your choice
how-to-use-high-contrast-theme 5 Secret Tips for Your Display Screen

Use the anti-glare high contrast themes to improve screen visibility in sunlight

4. Change to vertical screen orientation

Many people do not realise that modern LCD monitors can easily be changed to a vertical orientation – convenient for reading long documents and webpages. Use the following steps to change your screen to vertical screen orientation

  1. Right click your Desktop
  2. Click screen resolution
  3. In the orientation drop down menu
  4. Click potrait
  5. Then apply
  6. In the new dialogue box, only click Keep changes when you are sure you know how to physically rotate your monitor.
How-to-change-screen-to-vertical-orientation 5 Secret Tips for Your Display Screen

Choose potrait in orientation drop down menu to change screen to vertical orientation

It should simply be a matter of twisting it 90 degrees in most cases, but if it does not budge then refer to your monitor manual. Once your monitor is vertical, click Keep Changes.

5. Automatically adjust your display to suit the time of day

Modern monitors are designed for daytime use, but in an artificially lit room, viewing a screen can strain your eyes. F.lux is a free program that gives your screen a warm tint when the sun sets – reflecting the lightning change in your environment. In daytime, the screen reverts to its default tint.

  1. Download f.lux at www.justgetflux.com and install it
  2. F.lux will appear in the bottom-right corner of your taskbar and start working automatically.
  3. To make sure it’s detected your location, click the f.lux icon
  4. Click change
  5. Then type your city or postcode in the dialogue box

While the default settings will work fine for most, right clicking the icon in the taskbar gives you various options such as “Disable until sunlight”, Movie mode, and Darkroom mode, which is ideal when you are in a pitch-black room.

How-to-optimize-your-screen-based-on-time-of-the-day 5 Secret Tips for Your Display Screen

Use screen-tinting software f.lux to adapt your screen’s tint settings according to the time of day


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