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Bring Back the Quick Launch Toolbar to the Desktop

In Microsoft Windows 8, the Quick Launch Toolbar seems to be a thing of the past. But with this quick tweak, you can easily bring it back.

The Microsoft Windows 8 Desktop is missing more than just the Start button. You might also will not find the Quick Launch toolbar—that useful toolbar containing your frequently accessed programs that lived to the right of the Start menu. You could have several programs there, and see them all just by clicking a small double-arrow icon.

It is easy to bring Quick Launch Toolbar back to the Microsoft Windows 8 Desktop. To make this done, do the following steps:

  1. Launch File Explorer
  2. Click the View tab on the toolbar
  3. Switch on the “Hidden items” checkbox, that will displays folders and files that are normally hidden from view.
  4. Now head to the Desktop
  5. right-click the Taskbar
  6. select Toolbars→New Toolbar (See image below).
  7. On the screen that shows up, type %appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch.
Adding-a-new-toolbar-to-the-Taskbar Bring Back the Quick Launch Toolbar to the Desktop

Adding a new toolbar to the Taskbar

That places a Quick Launch toolbar at the far right of the taskbar. It also includes the Show Desktop button that is missing from the Microsoft Windows 8 Desktop. If you want to move the Quick Launch toolbar to the left, right-click the taskbar, uncheck “Lock the Taskbar,” and drag to the right. Lock it when you have it where you want. You can now use the Quick Launch toolbar by clicking the double-headed arrow (See image below).

the-Quick-Launch-toolbar-in-Windows-8 Bring Back the Quick Launch Toolbar to the Desktop

the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows 8

It works just like previous versions of Windows.


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