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SSD Reliability Issues

Flash SSD reliability issue

Significantly higher speeds and better performance – that’s the main reason why more users are starting to upgrade their rigs with Solid State Drives (SSD). Those who have gotten used to working with a computer with an SSD will no longer want to go back to just a hard...

The Dirty Truth About Security Loopholes

Security Loopholes

On the second Tuesday of every month, PC users go through a familiar yet frustrating ritual; on this day, Microsoft publishes updates for Windows, Office, Internet Explorer and more. Most of the time on this “Patch Day”, downloading ten or more patches slows down a home or office’s Internet connection...

Windows 9 Scheduled to Release in 2015

Windows 9 release date

Windows 9, The next Microsoft’s major update, are scheduled to launch in April 2015. Windows 9’s codename is “Treshold”. Because of Windows 9 update, Windows 8 is looking like the next Vista. According to Winsupersite, Microsoft will make the announcement of Windows 9 at this...