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Instagram Hyperlapse

Instagram Hyperlapse Review – If, like me, you are fascinated by time-lapse videos then Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app could be just what you need on your smartphone. While there are numerous time-lapse apps available for Android and iPhone they nearly all require the smartphone to be on a support to ensure that the resulting video isn’t jerky. This is where Hyperlapse comes in.

Instagram-Hyperlapse-300x252 Instagram Hyperlapse

Each frame in Hyperlapse is aligned with the previous one. For example if you are on a boat wobbling up and down, the app will make sure that the horizon in each shot is in the same place, with only other smaller objects in the frame shifting and showing the time-lapse effect. Similarly you can now handhold the smartphone and use Hyperlapse while walking around and get a smooth time-lapse effect that is almost like the final video has been shot using a dolly.

Once the Hyperlapse has been shot you then have the choice to playback and save it at between 2-12x the original speed. The speed you choose largely depends on what the footage is of, with 2-6x working well for walking, and 12x working better for things like sunsets or cloud formations. Video is then saved at 720p resolution.

You can get it for free at http://hyperlapse.instagram.com/


  • Creates stunning timelapse footage


  • Used frequently it can quickly fill up your memory

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