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Tweak The Control Panel Windows 8

Hiding Control Panel applets using the Group Policy Editor

Hide Control Panel applets from appearing. The Control Panel: love it or hate it, it is a very simple way to organize all the applets and features of Windows. But the Control Panel’s multilayered organization forces you to click far too many times to get...

Change Folders in the Open Dialog Box

Open Dialog Box Folder

Change the folders that appear in the Open and Save As dialog boxes in Microsoft Windows 8 applications. When you use certain Windows applications (such as Notepad) to open or save a file, on the left side of the Open dialog box are a group...

Protect Your Data Using BitLocker

How to use bitlocker

Bitlocker is a full encryption feature included with the Enterprise and Ultimate editions of Microsoft’s Windows. It’s a whole disk encryption solution. We can use it to protect hard disk in laptop, hard disk will be inaccessible without correct password. BitLocker (Bitlocker To Go) can...