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Windows 8 Best Features

Windows-8-Best-Features-300x195 Windows 8 Best FeaturesWindows 8 is an operating system developed by Microsoft. It’s development started before the release of its predecessor Windows 7. Windows 8 introduced major changes to the user interface and OS platform to improve its user experience on tablet.┬áIn this article, i will show you what is Windows 8 Best Features and the difference from windows 7.

List of Windows 8 Best Features

Airplane mode

Airplane Mode is a Windows 8 feature that disables the computer’s ability to transmit and receive signals, and you can still working with your computer. Use of airplane mode is whenever you need to being offline, being a passengger on an airplane, or need to conserve battery.

Easier Task Manager

Microsoft has introduced heat mapping on task manager to help identify apps that may be hogging CPU cycles or memory.

Live Tiles

Windows 8 using interactive live tiles that can help for better navigation. Unlike GUI of another operating system, Windows 8’s GUI icons do more than merely open the app.

Built-in Antivirus

Unlike it’s predecessor, Windows 8 comes with built-in antivirus. That’s why windows 8 have better security.

Skydrive Integration

Microsoft’s cloud computing service allows you to save file for free on their server.

Windows Store

Windows store provide you thousand of apps, mostly they are free, for your Windows 8 device.

Tile Grouping

Manage your app easier with tile grouping. Simply by dragging and dropping them into position.

Interactive Lock Screen

The new look of windows 8’s lock screen can now includes snippets of important information such as unreaded emails and etc.

Built-in ISO image reader

Windows 8 now support ISO files. You can run ISO files natively without having to physically burn the ISO to disk.

Split Screen Apps

Unlike another mobile OS using multitasking. Windows 8 can run Apps in split screen mode.

USB 3 Support

Microsoft said that Windows 8 will provide native support for every USB 3 device and drive, while retaining compatibility with older USB 2 and 1 devices.

Faster Boot Times

Microsoft making subtle changes to the way the PC shuts down and resumes. That makes Windows 8 Boot Time 70% faster than Windows 7.

Completely Reset PC Option

Windows 8 provides an automated way to completely wipe your windows 8 installation and start from scratch (Deleting all installed apps and drivers).

Improved 3G Support

Windows 8 improving support for 3G and forthcoming 4G networks to make sure costumers and bussiness users don’t stray past their data cap.

BitLocker Encryption

BitLocker can provide advanced security encryption system for your data.

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