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Vibox Rapture Sinner

Vibox Rapture Sinner Review – Honestly, this build should come with a warning sticker on the box: “Please wear protective goggles before switching on machine.” The Vibox Noctis 450 is nothing short of an LED monster, bedazzling all who gaze into the fiery abyss that resides at its core. She’s certainly one impressive beast. Comprising an Intel Core i7-4790K, 16GB of Patriot 2,400MHz memory, an MSI GTX 980 and enough SSD storage to install your OS three times over. You’ll probably be pretty happy when this temptress arrives on your doorstep.

DirectX 11 is currently the problem child of PC gaming. However, with the advent of Windows 10 and DX12 hitting the gaming scene, you’ll definitely want a card that can push the latest and greatest titles above and beyond anything we’ve seen so far. Vibox provides this in the form of an MSI GeForce GTX 980. A card that’s cool, quiet and oh-so-sublime. (It’s also black and red, so, y’know, fits the build like a V8 fits American muscle). If you’re looking for a joyous gaming experience at 1440p and have a bit of spare cash lying around in one of your many vaults, this is the place to go.

The rig is assembled in NZXT’s rather lavish Noctis 450 case, a chassis that‘s distinctly reminiscent of NZXT’s Phantom, only more refined. The panels have a sleek, matt-black finish, similar to BitFenix’s SofTouch technology. Once you get to the barebones of this case though, you’ll find the same interior design that’s at the heart of the H440. By no means should this be considered a bad thing, as it still complements the extravagant exterior by providing us with some beautiful contrasting design styles, from chaos to order in a flick of the eye.

Plenty of Front

The external shell, however, does provide improved airflow, as opposed to that of its quieter cousin. That’s thanks to a perforated front panel that allows better access to as much cool air as those triple 120mm fans can eat up. There will no doubt be H440 modders now kicking themselves for sawing apart the front panels of their quiet edition cases.

Vibox-Rapture-Sinner Vibox Rapture SinnerUnfortunately, even with an increase to the height of the case, there’s still not enough room for push pull on the AIO. But this isn’t exactly Vibox’s fault. Okay, there’s no space for those two extra fans, but there’s plenty of room for a stripped down version of NZXT’s grid-fan controller, allowing you to connect up to eight fans for simultaneous cross-system control.

Overall, the build quality achieved by Vibox’s engineers isn’t too shabby. For the price, you get a modular 750W Super Flower PSU included. Although the cables aren’t braided, they are entirely black, which certainly helps to keep the build clean. And Vibox has done a fantastic job at cable management here. The back of the motherboard tray looks very tidy, and it’s a very clean build, especially when peering through the window into the blazing heart of the sun.

This particular edition doesn’t come preoverclocked. It does, however, come with an NZXT Kraken X61. A favourite of ours, the Kraken is actually the AIO we use to do the vast majority of our benchmarks. You shouldn’t have any problem overclocking the nuts off this one.

The biggest downside of this whole venture is the price. To have Vibox build this monster for you, as opposed to doing it yourself, means losing out on £200, at the very least. The premium does get you Vibox’s lifetime warranty for labour and two years on parts, but even so, that’s one hefty premium. Ultimately, however, this is an ideal build for any PC gamer looking to prepare themselves for the beauty that is DX12. And what a stunner it is.


  • Beautiful case
  • Great cooling
  • Tidy
  • Solid warranty
  • Performer


  • Motherboard could do with an upgrade
  • Expensive £200 premium

Vibox Rapture Sinner Specifications

  • CPU Intel Core i7-4790K @4.4GHz
  • Motherboard MSI Z97 Gaming 5
  • Memory Red Patriot Viper DDR3 16GB (2x 8GB) @2,400MHz
  • Graphics MSI Geforce GTX980 Gaming
  • Storage Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD; 2TB 7,200RPM HDD
  • Case NZXT Noctis 450
  • Power supply Super Flower Leadex 750W (Gold)
  • Warranty Labour (lifetime); parts (two years)

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