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Yondr Kills The Addiction

With musicians fed up and audiences glued to their mobile devices, Yondr has arrived with a solution which operates on a fundamental premise whereby smartphones can be a distraction and a crutch that creates a distance from our surroundings. Yondr’s mission statement is to show people how powerful a moment is when we are not focused on just broadcasting it. Yondr is among the first company to cater to the unplugging movement.

Yondr-300x251 Yondr Kills The Addiction


Thus, if you have not been asked to stow away your gadgets, you could soon be asked to do so. A café in Vermont made headlines in September when it said sales has jumped after it banned laptops and cut the cord on public Wi-Fi, whereby the Motion Picture Association has a zero tolerance policy for any recording device of any kind to be used while movies are being shown.

Yondr expects interest to pick up as more concert goers and venue owners get used to the idea, while Yondr is currently leasing its gears for places wanting to set up phone-free zones.

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