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Eternal Conflict Rages in Heroes of The Storm

The Butcher and other legendary characters from Diablo III enter the Nexus to continue the war over the High Heavens and the Burning Hells.

Since the Nexus portal opened on June 3rd, players around the world have stormed the battlegrounds of Blizzard’s cross-character combat arenas. Not content with the cacophonic, chaotic clashes, their conflict has inspired, Heroes of the Storm has introduced the Eternal Conflict, a multi-week in-game event. During the event, players should be on the lookout for Treasure Goblins. Players who track down these creatures and eliminate them before a match’s end will receive gold for their efforts. What’s more, the game’s roster has been bolstered with three characters from the Diablo universe: The Butcher, Leoric, and The Monk, alongside several Diablo themed skins and mounts.

Among the two new maps is the Battlefield of Eternity, the first battleground located in one of Blizzard’s established universes. Players will need to defend their core and attack the enemy while supporting their Immortal, a massive angel, or demon, fighting its counterpart in the map’s centre. Available in-game from today, the map has uniquely themed mercenaries with Battleground-specific powers.

The-butcher-heroes-of-storm Eternal Conflict Rages in Heroes of The StormThe Butcher is a damage-dealing melee character who becomes stronger by devouring his fallen enemies. His ‘brand’ ability debuffs enemies and lets him gain life with each attack. He can also bring Lambs to the slaughter, and chain his hapless victims to a post for four long seconds.

Leoric-The-mad-king-of-honduras Eternal Conflict Rages in Heroes of The StormLeoric, the Mad King of Khanduras—best known the Skeleton King (cue a spinoff film starring Dwayne Johnson) — will be the next Warrior to join. Like all members of the living impaired, Leoric is rather averse to staying dead; in game, this means wheneve r he is slain, he will rise as a wraith to haunt his enemies. As a ghost, his attacks slow his enemies and accelerate his eventual ressurection.

The-Monk-Heroes-of-the-storm Eternal Conflict Rages in Heroes of The StormThe Monk is a versatile melee support hero who can heal allies, and choose between two herodefining Traits to fulfil the needs of his team. Using a variety of martial magic and holy hand-to-hand combat, the Monk will bring his traditional arts to bear in Heroes of the Storm.

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