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SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB

SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB Review – SanDisk is a little like Samsung in that it’s one of the world’s biggest Flash memory makers, which can’t hurt when you’re building a product that is comprised primarily of said memory. This is possibly why the Extreme Pro comes with such a competitive price, of only 79 cents per Gigabyte. The good news is that performance hasn’t tanked with the price, but yet again we see another drive that fails to live up to the 850 Pro’s heights.

SanDisk-Extreme-Pro-480GB SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB

SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB, Not that Extreme

Like the 850 Pro, this drive is now over a year old, but it hasn’t held up to the test of time quite so ably. It uses the company’s own SanDisk 2nd Generation 64Gbit 19nm MLC, but they’ve had to tap Marvell to provide the SSD controller, this time using an 88SS9187 controller. SanDisk obviously has faith in the reliability of this combo, endowing the drive with a massive 10 year warranty.

The Extreme Pro isn’t a woeful performer, but it’s also a long way off the 850 Pro. Therefore we simply can’t recommend this drive considering the 850 Pro has it beat in price, performance and with a matching warranty.


  • Solid performance
  • Excellent price


  • Average performance across the board

SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB Specifications

  • Available capacities: 240GB, 480GB and 960GB
  • Dimensions: 2.75 x 3.96 x 0.28 in. (69.85mm x 100.5mm x 7.0 mm)
  • Operating temperature: 32ºF to 158ºF (0ºC to 70 ºC)
  • Storage temperature: -67ºF to 185ºF (-55ºC to 85ºC)
  • Interface: SATA Revision 3.0 (6 Gb/s)
  • Shock: Resistant up to 1500 G @ 0.5 m/sec
  • Vibration (Operating/Non-operating) : 5 gRMS, 10-2000 HZ / 4.9 gRMS, 7-800 HZ
  • Power Consumption (active): 0.13w (240 GB), 0.15w (480 GB, 960 GB)
  • Support: 10 year limited warranty
  • Product Page : http://www.sandisk.com/products/ssd/sata/extreme-pro/

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