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Samsung 850 Pro 512GB

Samsung 850 Pro 512GB Review –  Welcome to the SATA 3 SSD that has hurt the SSD industry like no other. Samsung’s 850 Pro continually sets the benchmark for blistering performance at an excellent price, and it has left its competitors reeling since releasing over a year ago. Considering its age, we’re astounded that this single SSD is still able to teach brand new models a thing or two, proving just how powerful making every component in your SSD in-house can be.

Samsung-850-Pro-512GB Samsung 850 Pro 512GB

Samsung 850 Pro 512GB, One drive to rule them all

Samsung makes every single component used in the 850 Pro, from the 3-core MEX controller to the Samsung V-NAND Flash memory used within. As the biggest manufacturer of NAND Flash memory in the world, Samsung obviously knows a thing or two about building the fastest memory possible, and the V-NAND used within is built using a special 3D process which stacks the memory cell layers on top of one another. Full 256-bit AES encryption is supported, while the incredible 10 year warranty is twice that of most competitors.

At just 81 cents per Gigabyte, the 850 Pro sits on the affordable end of the mainstream performance pack, but its benchmark figures do not. It scored the top result across nearly every benchmark test, excluding numbers from the far more expensive PCIe-based SSDs; a remarkable feat considering the drive’s age. As a result we have no hesitation in continuing to recommend the Samsung 850 Pro as the best SATA 3 drive on the market. We hope the competition catches up soon, as having a dominant product for such a long period is surely going to make the market shrink.


  • Excellent value (Price $375)
  • Top performance
  • 10 Year warranty


  • It’s so good that makes other SSD makers hurting
  • Only 465 GB usable

Samsung 850 Pro 512GB Specifications

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