NIKON 1 V2 Review – The Nikon 1 V2 picks up where the 1 V1 left off, with lots of similar features and a totally remodeled body. The question is, does it enhance on the impressive, yet in the end flawed Nikon 1 V1? One criticism levelled at Nikon’s 1 series is the choice of sensor size. The version found in models to date measures 13.2 x 8.8mm and offers a 2.7x crop factor compared to a full-frame sensor. This sensor is physically smaller than those found in the majority of other CSCs.

Nikon’s V1 boasted appealing features, but its price-tag was a little less attractive. Can the V2 make amends?




As we may have expected, the sensor inside the V2 has stayed the same size, although resolution is now 14.2MP as opposed to the 10.1MP we’ve seen before. The camera features a full range of shooting controls aimed at making the image capture process as simple as possible. These include not only an Advanced Auto mode but also ‘Best Moment Capture’ settings which includes the ‘Smart Photo Selector’ feature; this takes up to 20 highresolution images and recommends five of the best for you to keep. The rear of the camera houses a 3in, 921k-dot LCD which, while not the highest resolution in its class, is certainly in keeping with the majority of CSCs on the market today.

Above the LCD screen sits an impressive 0.47in, 1,440k-dot TFT LCD viewfinder complete with brightness adjustment and diopter control to suit any of your optical needs. Where the V1 was something of a nondescript rectangular slab of a Compact System Camera, the V2 has a lot more of a DSLR about it – albeit a somewhat miniaturised version. One of the major features of this design change is the addition of a pronounced handgrip to the right of the camera, which offers a pleasingly firm hold. Ths is helped in no small part by the rubberised coating found on both its front and back. The Nikon 1 V2 benefits from the same focus system employed in the other models in Nikon’s 1 series of cameras, and it delivers a truly lightning-fast AF performance that easily competes with any digital camera on the market. The Auto White Balance system on the Nikon V2 is generally reliable, managing to produce accurate images in a variety of lighting conditions. Colours do appear a touch muted on the default settings, although the ‘Picture Control’ settings are on hand to add a colour boost if desired. While the V2 exposes precisely on the whole, there are issues with the camera’s dynamic range.

There’s a recognizable tendency for highlights to blow in contrasty scenes, with detail also being lost in areas of shadow. Noise is another area of concern when you consider the physical size of the V2’s sensor compared to those found in competing models, with higher ISO settings such as ISO 1600 showing aggressive noise reduction. The 10-30mm kit lens offers a fair level of performance with edge sharpness respectable and very few signs of chromatic aberrations.

NIKON 1 V2 Specifications

  • SENSOR 14.2MP (1in)
  • SHUTTER SPEEDS 30-16,000sec, Bulb ISO 100-6400
  • EXPOSURE MODES Auto, Best Moment Capture, PASM, Motion Snapshot
  • DRIVE MODES Single, Continuous, Self-timer, Remote
  • MOVIE MODE 1920 x 1080 (60i, 30p)
  • DISPLAY 3in LCD, 921k dots
  • VIEWFINDER 0.47in electronic viewfinder, approx. 1,440k dots
  • BUILT-IN FLASH GN 5m at ISO 100
  • AF POINTS 41 (135 addressable points)
  • POWER Rechargeable li-ion
  • DIMENSIONS 107.8 x 81.6 x 45.9mm
  • WEIGHT 337g (including battery and card)
  • Price £ 800

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