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Visualizer 1.1 for SketchUp

Visualizer 1.1 for SketchUp Review – A small, real-time rendering plug-in aimed at architects and coffee-shop creators alike, Visualiser 1.1 for SketchUp gives users on-the fly, photographic renders for both work-in-progress and client shots.

Working like a smartphone camera, and based on a preset PowerVR Raytracer implementaton plugged into your Shadow-settings, Visualizer comes with a focus blur, autofocus, and autoexposure, should you not want to use custom settings.

Visualizer-1.1-for-SketchUp Visualizer 1.1 for SketchUp

Visualizer 1.1 for SketchUp

Ridiculously easy to use, the plug-in loads in a separate window from the Plug-ins menu, and provides real-time, photo real renders of your scene, easing the creation and texturing process. As it renders whatever’s in the viewport, it’s also easy to set up professional-looking client shots. Drawbacks, if any, are all related to the plug-in’s simplicity and hook-up to SketchUp’s functions. One place this may be an issue is at render time if there are shiny or reflective surfaces; there’s only so much you can tweak these sometimes demanding materials in a vanilla SketchUp setup. However, compared to other, more feature rich renderers at Sketchup’s Extension Warehouse, with the output, speed and ease Visualizer provides, it’s a useful little steal.


  • Realtime rendering inside of SketchUp
  • Ease of use
  • Good help and FAQs
  • Works like a smartphone camera

Visualizer 1.1 for SketchUp Specifications

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