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Star Fox Zero

It’s possible that our hands-on with two stages of Fox McCloud’s return didn’t manage to capture the moment when it all clicks into place. All we know is that the time we spent playing it was some of the most frustrating we’ve encountered with a GamePad in hand. The fight we endured with the control system stemmed from a disconnect between TV and GamePad screen. On one you have the wider view of the dogfighting battle at large, and on the other, smaller one you have the precision aiming view from inside the cockpit.

Dividing your attention between the two screens is horribly counterintuitive. It’s like reading a book whose sentences begin on paper, but require you to read the occasional clause off the inside of a working washing machine.

Star-Fox-Zero Star Fox Zero

According to Miyamoto, those constructs found in Corneria were built to mimic the arches found in Japanese shrines.

It’s a huge shame, because outside of this catastrophic control method there’s much to love. The iconic characters are all back, and the wisecracks flow like fizzy pop between them. We were concerned that the visuals harked too closely to those of the N64 game, looking more old hat than retro chic, but in the flesh the bright, colourful look wins us over.

There’s real work ahead to ensure that this isn’t lost behind a potentially ship-sinking GamePad-sized hole in the boat. We only hope it can be plugged in time for launch

  • Format Wii U
  • Publisher Nintendo
  • Developer Platinum Games, Nintendo
  • Out December 2015

What’s Good?

It’s great to see Fox and co back in action with some comfortably familiar bants.


The motion controls need tweaking hard

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