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Volocopter, an electrically powered VTOL aircraft

Traffic is swelling on roads around the world and in Brazil the wealthy are looking to avoid this altogether – by taking to the skies in personal helicopters. As such, novel designs such as the Volocopter are becoming increasingly popular among the urban elite. Key to the success of vehicles like the manned Volocopter, which can carry up to two passengers at a time, is that they are capable of a vertical take-off or landing, making it very useful in tightly packed cities where space is at a premium. The Volocopter is powered by electric motors, making it quieter and more environmentally friendly than a conventional helicopter. The lack of an internal combustion engine also eliminates the vibrations and the high noise level associated with helicopters, meaning the Volocopter is much more comfortable for its occupants.

Volocopter Volocopter, an electrically powered VTOL aircraft

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