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10 Ways to Win Photo Competitions

Shoot to win with our quick-fire guide to achieving success with your images and grabbing the attention of the judges.

Read the rules

Follow-Rules 10 Ways to Win Photo CompetitionsWhen you find a competition that grabs you, understanding the entry terms and conditions is the most important step to success. No matter how amazing your images are, if they don’t meet the entry criteria they won’t even be considered and you may as well have not entered at all. Always read the full guidelines prior to entering several times over. Make a mental note of important details such as the entry submission date, categories, as well as specific file formats and sizes. Remember that the amount of post-processing you’re allowed varies by the category you’re entering, so check carefully. Rules also vary hugely from competition to competition. Get in contact with the organisers to ask if you have any queries or are uncertain about what’s allowed. Judging a photo contest between perfect entries is hard enough. Ensure that your photo makes it through the entry stage by avoiding any violations.

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