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AOC G2460PG Review – NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology really needs to be seen to be appreciated, but it’s taking a lot longer to reach affordable pricing than NVIDIA promised. The issue is the proprietary scaler that must be included in each G-Sync display, which bumps up the price by at least $100. With most prospective buyers having never seen G-Sync in action, paying extra for a bullet-point on the box is hard to justify. Thankfully we’re slowly seeing prices drop though, and this display from AOC is one of them. While it costs a little more than most 24 inch gaming displays, the price difference isn’t massive, and the benefit of G-Sync makes the extra cost easy to justify.


AOC G2460PG, G-Sync for less than a grand

The 24 inch panel used within has a native resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is fine for a screen of these dimensions, as pixel structure is basically invisible even at close range. It’s a rip-roarin’ 144Hz display, which makes it noteworthy even if it didn’t include G-Sync, as this also allows it to work flawlessly with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision kit. With a pixel response time of just 1ms it’s no surprise to see that this is a TN panel, which also means it doesn’t have the widest viewing angles around. That’s not an issue for such a small screen though.

This screen also features a technology called Ultra Low Motion Blur, or ULMB for short. This is a sequel to the LightBoost feature found on older NVIDIA-compatible displays, and can be used to minimise motion blur even more. However, it’s not compatible with G-Sync, which means most gamers probably won’t ever use it.

The plastic bezel has a slick brushed metal appearance, and the green line across the bottom hints at its special NVIDIA features. An anti-glare covering stops the screen acting as a mirror, while the On Screen Display (OSD) is controlled by a series of buttons on the bottom right of the face, and we found these very confusing to use. It’s also very simplistic, with limited adjustments. The stand is simple but adequate, with both height and tilt control. Where this display fails is its range of inputs, with one meagre DisplayPort input. There’s also a USB input, which drives two outputs, but they’re both on the back of the display, making them hard to reach.

Out of the box we found the brightness was cranked through the roof; lowering this to 60 delivered a much more palatable image. Overall contrast performance wasn’t great, but colour reproduction was excellent, especially after we’d run a basic calibration routine and adjusted via the RGB controls. There wasn’t a hint of motion blur during our gaming tests, and enabling G-Sync delivered the brilliantly smooth motion we’ve come to expect from NVIDIA’s technology. Best of all, it’ll work all the way through this monitor’s supported refresh rates, up to 144Hz.

When compared to the cost of other premium 24” 144Hz gaming displays, the AOC G2460PG isn’t as expensive as it might seem. Throw in G-Sync support and it’s a bargain.


  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • No motion blur
  • G-Sync rocks


  • Average contrast performance
  • Needs calibration

AOC G2460PG Specifications

  • Viewable Image Size 24″ (16:9)
  • Brightness (typical) 350 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio 80000000:1
  • Response Time 1ms
  • Optimum Resolution 1920 x 1080 @ 144Hz
  • Colors Supported > 16 Million
  • Digital Input Display Port|USB 3.0 (2x)|USB 2.0 (2x with hub charger)
  • ENERGY STAR Compliant Yes
  • Product Page : http://us.aoc.com/monitor_displays/g2460pg

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