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CrossOver to support DirectX 11

No word about Windows 10’s DirectX12, however CodeWeavers, the company behind commercial Windows compatibility wrapper CrossOver, has announced that support for the current generation DirectX 11 application programming interface (API) is due in the near future.

Allowing Linux users to run software, typically games, designed for Windows, CrossOver and the open source Wine compatibility wrappers are useful tools but are limited to older versions of Microsoft’s DirectX API – at least, for now.

Crossover-Linux CrossOver to support DirectX 11“In the coming months, CodeWeavers will have support for DirectX 11; better controller support; and further improvements to overall GPU performance,” announced CodeWeaver’s James Ramey in a blog post detailing the game launches at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). “While these incremental improvements for game support may seem small at first, the cumulative improvements for game support will allow for many of these games to ‘just run’ when released. And when more games ‘just run’ in CrossOver, it won’t matter if you’re battling against Thor or Apollo using a PC, a Mac or a Linux computer.”

With increasing numbers of games being launched with DirectX 11-exclusive rendering engines, the support is welcomed but comes as Microsoft launches its replacement, DirectX 12, with its latest Windows 10 operating system.

A firm release schedule for the DirectX 11 compatible version of CrossOver had not been released by CodeWeavers at the time of writing.

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