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Forensics Analysis of SQLite Database

SQLite has become the most used database for different applications. The session given below enlightens about the SQLite database forensics in details and has mentioned about the easy ways for one to search on the SQLite database.

Database stores structured data and the most used database now is SQLite Database along with SQL MDF Database. SQLite has become the popular database as it supports on iOS, Android phones, etc. SQLite is small, fast and reliable database storage, has gained noticing because of several features. The all codes are of high quality, is in public domain making it available for all the users who need. Like rest of the database, SQLite does not support separate server and all the contents are written directly to disk files. You can see all the triggers, tables, etc. in just one disk file itself. The Android SDK provides good API allowing many of the Android developers to work with SQLite database easily.

The files are stored under internal storage:

The database is found in almost all platforms, seen in desktop, instance message application, web browsers like; Chrome, Firefox, etc. and even in most of the software products too. Since the transactions follow ACID property, system failure or the power failure will not affect.

Viewing and analyzing the SQLite file is not applicable by simply opening the files. For viewing the file, you will have to depend on the third party tool, as manual procedure is very difficult. User will have to root the file (applicable for phones) for extracting the SQLite files and then can view the file for analyzing its details with the help of an eminent tool.

Location of SQLite files

During SQLite database forensics, user should know SQLite database stores the files with .sqlite extension and all the databases are stored in so called “main database file”. The additional information is stored in “rollback journal”. This contains the critical information for restoring the main database once if it is crashed.

In Firefox;

In Chrome;

The database is rich with many sources for the SQLite database analysis as well. For example, there are 28 SQLite database located in the subdirectories /data/data/com.android.webkit of HTC. In these, it contains database of the web pages, database for the browsers and browser cache, database relating to the GPS positions, etc.

Skype also uses SQLite database and stores all the information such as; call history, contacts, and all other related information. You can find all these information by searching on,

Tools for SQLite Database Forensics Research

For working with the SQLite files, the user can depend on DB Browser for SQLite. It helps to create, design and edit the database, if user wants and is of high quality, open source tool. It does not require complicated commands to implement and supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc. However, user cannot find out the file that is deleted from the database.

In-order to achieve all the files without any fault or loss, user can invest on SQLite Forensic tool. SQLite database analysis software helps in the findings and extraction of the SQLite database for evidence collections. The Hex view supported by the tool attains the binary format of the emails and with that investigator can identify if any malicious activities are carried out or not.

SQL-Forensic-Explorer-2 Forensics Analysis of SQLite Database

SQL-Forensic-Explorer Forensics Analysis of SQLite Database

The agents can even find out the deleted files as the tool enables the recovery of destroyed files and this makes it different from other SQLite database forensics tools. It helps to investigate on different OS platforms as well as supports different Android phones.


With the emergence of SQLite database, the storage of data has become more easy and handy since it supports on Android phones as well. The investigations of criminal cases are now carried out with the help of this database and many of the software products are built for the viewing of the files. Users can depend on SQLite database analysis tool without a second thought for exploring the file details.

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