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Kazam Trooper X4.0

Kazam Trooper X4.0 Review – Kazam is a new name in Android phones. The company was formed last year by two former HTC executives, and has a range of devices with screens from 5.5 inches down to 3.5.

Kazam Trooper X4.0 From a new name in smartphones, can the Trooper X4.0 surpass expectations?

Kazam-Trooper-X4.0 Kazam Trooper X4.0

Kazam Trooper X4.0

The Trooper X4.0 is the four-inch version. It’s a relatively uncommon size for an Android handset, and it’s easy to see just how well it fits in the hand, with all controls within easy reach of your thumb. The phone is pretty chunky, at 12.5mm, but feels pretty solidly built, with good ergonomics and a nice soft-touch back cover. Any positive first impressions that stem from this are lost as soon as you turn the phone on, however, as the screen is very poor. We can overlook the low resolution as being a disappointing, if frequently inevitable, compromise to reach a price point, but the air gap that sees the display panel sit about a millimetre below the glass, the horrible vertical viewing angles that are especially unpleasant when trying to watch a video in landscape mode, and its cold, blueish tint would have been barely acceptable on a budget device three years ago.

The phone runs Android 4.2.2, and there’s a software updater app installed, although no word on whether this device will see any. It’s virtually a stock setup, unskinned with the inclusion of a handful of utilities like a file manager and torch app. Performance is nothing special. The frame rate on animations is quite low, even when just scrolling through home screen panels and the like, so it always appears somewhat jerky. The MediaTek processor clocked at 1GHz is at the bottom end of the current multi-core processor market and it shows, especially when coupled with just 512MB of RAM.

This isn’t a smartphone that can stand up to much more than basic use: a bit of web and email, some social networking and casual, light games. Any more and you’ll be hitting the limits of what it can do quite quickly. The camera is five megapixels and of mediocre quality. It’s quite responsive in good light, but images are not great. In poor light there is an LED to offer some support, but it’s a feeble effort.


The screen is very poor. It is low resolution, has very limited viewing angles and a blue tint that doesn’t make it good for viewing photos or watching videos. It feels like a display from a few years ago, and doesn’t stack up well by modern standards.


The processor is low end by multi-core standards and with a limited amount of RAM it is not capable of living up to the other devices in this group test. Battery life is also average, and you may need an afternoon top-up.


The X4.0 has dual-SIM slots, both regular sized, plus a micro SD card slot, all located nicely beneath the battery. The software on show is a largely stock Android 4.2.2 and there is around 3GB of internal storage to access.


Even at the low price of $135 SIM-free, the X4.0 feels overpriced. Our other devices have reset expectations for budget smartphones, with the Blade V being both cheaper and a significantly better performer overall.

Kazam Trooper X4.0 Specifications

  • Operating system Android 4.2
  • Processor MediaTek MT6572M 1GHz dual-core
  • Memory 512MB RAM
  • Dimensions 125 x 63.7 x 12.5mm
  • Weight N/A
  • Display size Four-inch
  • Display resolution 480 x 800 pixels, 233ppi
  • Price $135

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