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Edison M 750W

Edison M 750W Review – There’s a long-standing debate in some quarters as to whether Edison or Tesla was the greater scientist, but there’s very little question that Fractal Design knows how to make a great PC power supply. That’s why once we decided on a Fractal Design case for our PAX Prime system build, asking them to throw in a PSU made perfect sense, and Fractal happily agreed.

The company’s Edison line of power supplies consists of four models ranging in rated output from 450 watts to 750 watts, and each of them is 80 PLUS Goldcertified, meaning that they are up to 90% efficient at 50% load. Our 750W unit is also semi-modular like all Edisons, having just its main 24-pin ATX cable, two 6+2- pin PCIe cables, and an 4+4-pin 12V cable permanently attached. Speaking of the 4+4- pin cable, Fractal is looking out for builders, and makes this extra-long so that you can comfortably reach your board’s CPU power socket from behind the motherboard tray, even in cases with bottom PSU mounts.

In the Edison M’s box, you’ll find an EPS12V 8-pin modular cable, as well as two more 6+2-pin PCIe cables, two peripheral cables, and three SATA cables, each with multiple connectors.

Edison-M-750W Edison M 750WLike all Fractal PSUs, the Edison 750W has a great-looking black-andwhite exterior. Its white 120mm fan on one side and distinctive stamped snowflake insignia on the other make it clear where the Edison 750W came from, and its flat, all-black cables ensure that it will blend into the interior of your case nicely, where it will be seen and not often heard. (The fluid dynamic bearing fan is temperature controlled, so it only ramps up to full speed when the time is right, and even then will run fairly quietly.)

The Edison M 750W is outfitted with Japanese electrolytic capacitors rated at 105 degrees Celsius, and comes with the standard complement of protection tech for your precious components (overpower, overvoltage, short circuit, undervoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature). Naturally, it’s fully compliant with Intel Haswell C6 and C7 operation states.

In short, our build’s Fractal Design Edison M 750 PSU is stylish, quiet, and dependable. Fairly un-Sasquatch like, really, but the opportunity to pair a quality unit like this with a case from the same company was not one we intended to miss.

We installed our Edison with the intake fan facing the bottom panel, where the Define S has very capable ventilation and is equipped with an easily removable dust filter. This helped keep the PSU’s ambient interior temps low, and as advertised, the Edison M made barely a peep, even under substantial loads and while powering one of the most powerful CPUs and the most powerful non- TITAN GPU on the market.

Edison M 750W Specifications

  • Rated continuous: 750W (at 40 C)
  • +12V rails: 1 (62A)
  • +5V max: 20A
  • +3.3V max: 20A
  • SLI/CrossFire-ready: Yes
  • Efficiency rating (advertised): 80 PLUS Gold
  • Connectors: 1 24-pin, 2 EPS 4+4-pin, 6 PCI-E 6+2-pin, 10 SATA, 5 Molex
  • Length: 6.3 inches; Warranty: 5 years

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