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Audio Technica ATH-M40x

Audio Technica ATH-M40x Review – Much cheaper than the ATH-R70x, this headset still shows off Audio Technica’s skill at making truly excellent headphones. As with the R70x, the M40x are a pair of headphones pure and simple. There are no in line controls, no mic, no flashy effects, just excellent sound quality and comfort. The design is simple but solid, with a single padded headband holding the two comfortably cushioned, hinged ear cups, each featuring a rare earth 40mm audio driver. The build quality is excellent and feels sturdy. The headband could afford to be a little more padded for added comfort but even with the current level of padding you can wear the ATH-M40x for hours with no problems. The simple design also makes them perfect for use on the go, paired with your mobile or MP3 player.

Audio-Technica-ATH-M40x Audio Technica ATH-M40x

Audio Technica ATH-M40x, Simple design, excellent value

Sound reproduction is for the most part excellent. Given that this headset is intended primarily for music, the midranges are excellent, with wonderful, clear and warm reproduction of voice and most instruments. The high ranges are also excellent with crisp tones without a touch of tinniness. The only place the headset falters is with bass. The bass response isn’t bad by any stretch of the imagination, but the 40mm drivers aren’t quite up to giving bass the oomph it really needs to be impressive. As a result shooters come across as a little flat, but most other genres, especially those that feature extensive dialogue sound fantastic.


  • Excellent sound
  • Solid build
  • Comfortable


  • Bass lacking oomph
  • No mic

Audio Technica ATH-M40x Specifications

  • Type Closed-back dynamic
  • Driver Diameter 40 mm
  • Magnet Neodymium
  • Voice Coil CCAW (Copper-clad aluminum wire)
  • Frequency Response 15 – 24,000 Hz
  • Maximum Input Power 1,600 mW at 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity 98 dB
  • Impedance 35 ohms
  • Weight 240 g (8.5 oz), without cable and connector
  • Cable Includes two interchangeable cables: detachable 1.2 m – 3.0 m (3.9′ – 9.8′) coiled cable and detachable 3.0 m (9.8′) straight cable
  • Accessories Included Protective carrying pouch, 6.3 mm (1/4″) screw-on adapter
  • Product page : http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/headphones/75b2f282c93a7651/

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