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Roccat Syva

Roccat Syva Review – More often than not, when you ask a gamer for a recommendation when it comes to headphones, they will probably tell you to get one of those big and flashy headphones. While those are great in terms of sound quality and comfort, they may not be the best solution for those who are constantly on-the-move and require something a little more portable. With that in mind, German gaming extraordinaire has come up with the Syva, a gaming in-ear headset that is super portable and yet doesn’t compromise in terms of quality.

Roccat Syva, ROCCAT shows us how you make an awesome set of gaming in-ear headset

Roccat-Syva Roccat Syva

Roccat Syva

Being in-ear headsets, the design of the Syva isn’t too flashy but yet ROCCAT has managed to make it quite outstanding due to its very rugged and angular design and standard ROCCAT-colours. Instead of going with just all-black cables, ROCCAT also gave the cables the ROCCAT-colour treatment. Being in-ear headsets, the Syva uses rubberised ergonomic earplugs, which are very comfortable and remain so even after long hours. But this of course depends on your own ear.

Fret not though as like most in-ear headsets, ROCCAT have bundled different sized earbuds with the Syva so you can easily swap them out for ones that fit your ear perfectly so they don’t fall out. One of the great things about being in-ear headsets is the fact that the Syva easily blocks out noise and even on loud volumes, there was no leakage at all. In terms of audio quality, the Syva is performed admirably. The highs and mids are crisps and sharp and while the bass was rich and smooth, it wasn’t quite deep enough. Overall, we have to say the Syva produces nice and balanced sound. The soundstaging was also pretty good as we managed to tell where certain instruments were located in an acoustic track and also tell which directions gunshots were coming from.

Finally, we have to say that the in-line microphone on the Syva are fantastic as it managed to cancel out background noise and delivered audio clearly to the other end, which is great for LAN parties or just having a conversation. The in-line control also houses the Call/Play button, which is great but we hope to see ROCCAT implement more controls such as Volume and Previous and Next track controls on to The in-line microphone is able to cancel out their next iteration of in-ear headsets. In all honesty, we really like the ROCCAT Syva and while it may be designed for gamers who are constantly on the move, we have to say it is definitely good enough for any type of user. It is also much more portable and affordable compared to larger gaming grade headsets.


  • Tangle-free ribbon cable
  • Minimal distortion
  • Clear microphone
  • Cheap Price


  • Weak bass
  • Only Call/Play button

Roccat Syva Specifications

  • Connection: 3.5mm jack
  • Frequency Response: 20~20,000Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Max. Input Power: 10mW
  • Drive Diameter: Ø10mm
  • Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Microphone: Omni-directional

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