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Five cool Raspberry Pi projects for Android users

For people who not familiar with it, the Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that can be plugged in to your TV or a variety of other objects. Despite its small size, it can be used for most projects you would perform on a desktop computer, including wordprocessing, gaming and playing HD videos. But what makes it truly appetising for Android use s is just how hackable the Pi is.

Raspberry-Pi Five cool Raspberry Pi projects for Android users

Raspberry Pi

With just a few adjustments it can be linked to your device in a variety of ways and used to perform plenty of functions that can help not only expand the functionality of your device, but also distribute the Android operating system onto different platforms. Best of all, these functions can be performed with some help from a handful of apps from the Google Play store. Coupled with Android, the Raspberry Pi can be very versatile.

Cool Raspberry Pi projects for Android users

Add Bluetooth

Alternative way to share files between mobile device and the Raspberry Pi is by installing a Bluetooth terminal to the personal computer. Obtain the Bluetooth Terminal Emulator app from google store and follow the instructions to install a version of Bluetooth on a designated Raspberry Pi port.

Live streaming

There are plenty of things you can do with the Raspberry Pi camera, but one of the best is turning it into a live streaming device. Download the VLC Beta app onto your device and connect it to the Pi to have a platform to record the world around you.

Control functions

Navigating your way through the menus of the Raspberry Pi, the androidVNC app includes a graphical interface that new users will be able to use to find things a whole lot easier. Best of all, the interface can be customised on your phone.

Server management

Raspberry PI can be used to Server Management by using ConnectBot. ConnectBot is a must-have app. It can be used to log in to your Pi wherever you are and control many of its core functions. One added bonus is being able to control your mail and web servers and diagnose any problems.

FTP transfers

By linking both your device and Pi to the same network, users can install the AndFTP app for a quick solution of transferring / sharing files. The application is also compatible with many media servers, so that you can watch videos through your Raspberry Pi as well.

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