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Transfer Electricity Wirelessly is Possible

All of us are living in an era of electrical power. We rely on electrical power to light our planet and to power our lives. We depend on extensions of electricity – Tablet Computers, Mobile phones, notebooks, and so on – to make our lives better. However, with that ease of living come threats. Electric batteries end up in dumps and leak out poison into the surface.

Wireless-electric Transfer Electricity Wirelessly is Possible

Wireless electric

Frayed and uncovered cables are a threat to curious young kids, animals, and people who simply are not giving attention. Electrical power cords are left connected in without nothing attached – a huge waste material of energy. But what if we could get rid of these issues? what if we could free our homes of wires and batteries? This is what the startup company WiTricity Corp. aims to do.

Professor-Marin-Soljacic-233x300 Transfer Electricity Wirelessly is Possible

Marin Soljacic, who developed the theory for wireless electricity

In 2005, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) science professor Marin Soljacic, along with the team of colleagues, developed the theory for wireless electricity. Two years later, they validated their concepts with researches, showing that electric power can be transferred wirelessly. The team demonstrated the use of wireless electricity.

This reaction opened up an incredible possibility: Wireless electricity could be commercialized. It could become the future. And the realization that wireless electricity was something useful, something that could eventually be widespread, brought about the conception of WiTricity Corp. So, how does this new innovation perform? First, you have to know something about electromagnetism, which indicates you also have to know a bit about electrical energy and magnetic fields. Electrical power can be basically described as a flowing current of electrons through a conductor (like a cable) or through the environment. Our concern is the former, current flowing through a conductor. Further, there are two kinds of magnetic fields : constant (unchanging) and oscillating (time-varying).

Transfer-Electricity-Wirelessly-is-Possible Transfer Electricity Wirelessly is Possible

This is how WiTricity Technology Works (Source:WiTricity.com)

WiTricity uses the latter. Oscillating magnetic fields “can be generated by alternating current (AC) flowing on a wire.” When the direction of the current is reversed, the direction of the magnetic fields is also reversed. What must be understood about electromagnetism is that there is an interdependence between oscillating electric and magnetic fields; an oscillating magnetic fields produces an electric field and vice versa. This phenomenon allows for the functioning of the magnetic resonators via resonant magnetic coupling, the integral concept behind WiTricity. In order to grasp the idea of resonant magnetic coupling, every single of the three words in the term must be separately understood. Resonance is “the natural frequency at which energy can most efficiently be added to an oscillating system.” Magnetic induction occurs when a coiled or looped conductor (made of copper or some other conductive metal) is hooked up to an AC source and generates an oscillating magnetic field. A second conductive coil within the magnetic field’s vicinity can produce power. The last part of resonant magnetic coupling is the concept of energy or power coupling. This simply means that “an energy source has a means of transferring energy to another object.” Some types of energy coupling require physical contact for transfer – but not magnetic coupling.

There are, then two sorts of coupling going on simultaneously in WiTricity technology: magnetic coupling, in which an exchange of energy is going on, and resonant coupling, in which two objects’ natural frequencies are the same. WiTricity uses two magnetic resonators, a supply device and a capture device, to obtain resonant magnetic coupling. The two devices “effectively transfer power over large distances via the magnetic near-field.” Based on WiTricity’s website (http://www.witricity.com/), “these… and the electronic system that control them support efficient energy transfer over distances that are many times the size of the sources/devices themselves.” What’s happening is simply a transfer.

If you think of how a Wireless network router works, WiTricity is easier to understand. Instead of transfer energy over a magnetic field, Wireless network routers transfer information via radio waves. It’s that simple ! WiTricity products are not currently available for the average consumer. You will not find wirelessly rechargeable batteries in market. At least, not yet. It will take some time for both public and other companies to become interested in and educated on what WiTricity Technology can do. Though the wireless future is not here yet, but it’s very close and very exciting

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