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How Google Cardboard works

Google’s Cardboard venture has opened up the world of virtual reality to everyone. To whisk us away into a fantasy world, Google invites us to make our own VR headset using just a few items that can be found in your garage.

Various cardboard headsets can also be purchased ready-made, so it’s not all about DIY. Once you’ve sourced the headgear, all you need to do is download the Google Cardboard app to get started.

Google-cardboard How Google Cardboard works

Your smartphone sits in the headset and the app shows you a specially designed split-screen view. When you look at the screen through the headset’s lenses that are placed at an optimum distance from the screen, this concentrates your fi eld of view and creates a 3D effect. Your smartphone’s motion sensor detects your movement and so all of these factors come together to enable you to walk, run and jump through your own virtual world.

Google has made this technology incredibly accessible for developers, so there is also a huge array of compatible VR apps available to take your Cardboard experience to the next level.

How-google-cardboard-works How Google Cardboard works

Image Source : How It Works Issue 76

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