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Top 3D Printers Budget Options

Thanks to a lot of passionate people and the power of crowd sourcing, 3D printing is no longer reserved for the rich. Here are three top 3D printers that you can own for less than $1,000

1. Printrbot (COST: $539 – $749 http://www.printrbot.com)

Printrbot-300x256 Top 3D Printers Budget Options


Printrbot has four different 3D printers to choose from, depending on the size and features you require. The team has made each product customisable to users’ needs, all of which work with ABS and PLA filament to print your 3D creations. You also make huge savings by ordering a DIY kit.

2. The Buccaneer (COST: $999 http://www.pirate3d.com)

The-Buccaneer-257x300 Top 3D Printers Budget Options

The Buccaneer

A fully assembled 3D printer, the Buccaneer has a sleek and stylish design that, with plastic integrated directly into the machine via cartridges, works straight out of the box. Wi-Fi enabled, communication can be handled from a smartphone, with many 3D print designs available to customise on the SmartObjects app.

3. Solidoodle (COST: $499 – $799 http://www.solidoodle.com/)

Solidoodle-300x269 Top 3D Printers Budget Options


Another out-of-the-box printer, Solidoodle offers two no-fuss models at under $1,000. The Solidoodle 4 comes in at $599, providing an 8×8-inch heated build plate, or the Workbench Apprentice (as shown in the picture above), featuring a dual extruder and 6x6x8-inch (HxWxD) heated glass bed.

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