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Kingston HyperX Savage

Kingston HyperX Savage Review – Enthusiast-level PCs have seen a fair bit of growth in recent times, and while motherboards and graphics cards appear to have the look and feel down to a pat, but RAMs appear to have hit stagnant waters.

Kingston-HyperX-Savage-300x90 Kingston HyperX Savage

Kingston HyperX Savage

Kingston aims to change all that with their latest DDR3 offering in the form of the Kingston HyperX Savage that offers both performance and style. A thing to note is that these new Kingston HyperX Savage DDR3 modules are the replacements for the previous generation Kingston HyperX Genesis and Kingston HyperX Predator line of RAMs, which is one of the company’s popular enthusiast memory lines for quite some time. The new Kingston HyperX Savage RAMs come in a variety of different configurations, but the one Kingston sent us is the two 8GB set, clocked at 2,400MHz.

The first things enthusiasts are likely to notice is the fact that the low profile heatsink that covers the DIMM chips are asymmetrical. The design adds to the coolness factor, but at the same time it still helps cool down the DIMM chips, so users need not worry about the heat dissipation being affected by this design choice. Thanks to the cool, low profile design of the HyperX Savage, users can use them together with large coolers that would usually cover some of the DIMM slots on the motherboard.

There aren’t many high-performance RAMs that come with low-profile memory, so this is a good thing if you’re building a high performance, low-profile PC. Enthusiasts and overclockers will be happy to know that the HyperX Savage comes with two XMP profiles that have the RAMs clocked at 2,133MHz and 2,400MHz respectively, and with a bit of tuning can go to 2,600MHz and above, perfect for those who are looking to make the most out of their memory setup. As far as performance is concerned, the HyperX Savage breezes through all our benchmarks and tests with ease.

Software startup is electrifyingly fast, and there is no lag when we have multiple instances of Adobe software and other memory intensive multimedia suites open. If you’re looking for a set of lowprofile RAMs that have excellent performane and great overclocking capabilities, we highly recommend the Kingston HyperX Savage RAMs as they meet all of these criterias.


  • Overclocks well
  • Low profile design


  • Expensive

Kingston HyperX Savage Specifications

  • Capacity: Up to 4GB single, 16GB kits available
  • Compatibility: Intel X99
  • Frequency: 2,133MHz, 2,666MHz, 3,000MHz
  • CAS Latency: 13-13-13, 13-14-14, 15-16-16

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