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Asus ROG GL552

Asus ROG GL552 Review – Asus has a decent line-up of gaming-related products. In fact, Republic of Gamers (ROG) is a dedicated line that caters exclusively to gamers with its variety of notebooks, PCs, components and even accessories. The GL552 belongs to the same family, which is what we’re taking a look at this month.


Asus’ ROG products have distinct styling and the GL552 is no different. It features intricate Mayan detailing, which we saw with ROG GR8, and boasts a brushed aluminium and textured finish. The vents are conveniently placed on the left-hand side, to dissipate the heat, along with some of the ports and a DVD writer.

Asus-ROG-GL552 Asus ROG GL552

In short, GL552 does not offer anything different on the design front compared to other ROG machines and is certainly on the heavier side, at just under 3kg (2.6kg, to be precise).


The notebook is powered by a fourth-generation Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM and 2GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M GPU, which makes this no slouch in the performance department. The laptop handles the most graphic intensive stuff really well and comes with some features that enhance the gaming experience. The GL552 comes with GameFirst III technology, instrumental during online gaming by prioritising the flow of data in the network for a virtually lag-free experience. However, the laptop is noisy and kickstarts the fan in full speed even if you’ve just started the game.

Noise aside, the laptop has a really good display with matte finish to keep reflections at bay and a Full HD display with a viewing angle of 178 degrees. The keyboard is nicely spaced out with backlit support and even sports highlighted WASD keys and a dedicated numeric pad. Additionally, the laptop loudspeakers are equipped with SonicMaster and AudioWizard services that offer five tailor-made presets for popular game genres.

As for the battery life, it gave about 3 hours of run time while doing web browsing and editing office documents but the battery life, understandably, takes a serious hit if you try to play a game.

All in all, Asus packs in all the right mix of components to make the GL552 a good gaming laptop. The only issue (not a deal-breaker, in our opinion) is the fan whirring at full speed. Asus also bundles a smart looking backpack, gaming mouse and a headset, making it a good bargain at 70,999 Rupee.


  • Good Performance


  • Too Noisy
  • Short Battery Life

Asus ROG GL552 Specifications

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