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Toshiba 47L7453

Toshiba 47L7453 Review – There’s something quite dramatic about this telly’s picture quality, with its deep, perhaps slightly over-inked, blacks and exuberant colour fidelity. It’s the cheapest telly on test, but this is not a budget performance. That’s no doubt thanks to the use of a full-array, rather than edge-lit, backlight and Toshiba’s Resolution+ picture processing engine, which does a grand job emphasising fine detail. Look beyond the initial razzmatazz, though, and problems do begin to arise. Motion handling begins to struggle slightly with high-octane movie sequences and games, displaying unwanted motion artefacts around moving objects.

Toshiba-47L7453 Toshiba 47L7453

Toshiba 47L7453

The passive 3D, too, although good for large families – you get four specs included – is prone to double imaging, which might make your viewing of Thor: The Dark World even more distressing than it need be. The TV navigates quickly in general thanks to a dualcore processor, while the start-up time from Standby mode is lightning fast. Toshiba has also polished up its Cloud TV service, with the Home page boasting a live TV feed, plus content tabs for the rather limited selection of catch-up and on-demand providers, such as Netflix, BBC Sport and News, YouTube, Vimeo, BBC iPlayer, Blinkbox, Viewster – and a Twitter window.

Toshiba, it seems, is very keen that you tweet about what you’re watching. Select the dedicated block and you even get a fullscreen social-media hub that highlights trending shows. We predict you’ll use it once. The set is Miracast enabled, which is handy for splashing smartphone and tablet content across the big screen, and able to play most video files without complaint. It will also pause and record Freeview HD shows on an external USB drive if you like. While there’s the odd grumble, if you’re looking for a solid performer, with a picture that packs a punch and a price tag that doesn’t, the L7453 is definitely a wise choice.


  • Dramatic contrast-heavy image
  • Polished Cloud TV portal
  • Powerful audio performance


  • Passive 3D
  • motion handling have faults

Toshiba 47L7453 Specifications

  • SCREEN 47-inch 1080p LCD
  • TUNERS Freeview HD
  • WEB TV Cloud TV portal featuring BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, Viewster, Blinkbox
  • AUDIO 2x 15W 3D Passive, 4x specs
  • CONNECTIONS Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4x HDMI, 2x USB, Scart, component, CI Slot, PC
  • HEIGHT 660mm
  • DEPTH 107mm
  • WIDTH 1190mm
  • WEIGHT 13.5kg

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