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Apple Watch Alternatives

1. Pebble Steel

Pebble-Steel-alternative Apple Watch AlternativesThe Pebble steel has oodles of kudos. its E-Paper screen may be a little low-fi for some, but it gives you battery life the apple watch can only dream of. it looks almost as swish, too, and there’s a similarly huge number of apps available.

Price £180


2. LG Watch R

LG-Watch-R Apple Watch AlternativesA smartwatch that will appeal to die-hard watch enthusiasts. The P-olED display is one of the best out there, meaning you can show off its array of watch-like backgrounds in super-high quality. Two days’ battery life is double that of apple.

Price £200


3. Moto 360

Moto-360 Apple Watch AlternativesIt’s hard not to get excited about Motorola’s offering. This thing looks seriously space-age, yet it has a refined, minimalist feel. and though battery life trumps the apple watch, a wireless charger makes regular recharging a cinch.

Price £200


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