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TDK A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speakers

TDK A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speakers Review – The old adage of “once you review one portable Bluetooth speaker, you’ve reviewed them all” rings as bright as day here, but sometimes we get a product that is actually very usable, and we have to rethink our thoughts about how good it actually is. The TDK A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speakers is one such device, and here we’ll wax lyrical about it for a bit.

TDK-A33-Wireless-Weatherproof-Speakers TDK A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speakers

TDK A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speakers

As far as design is concerned, the A33 speakers is quite standard, but TDK has the right idea here as the rectangular shape of the speakers is actually very conducive to making it a lot more rugged and weatherproof. Speaking of which, most of the chassis of the A33 feels rubberised, save for the speaker grilles, adding to the charmingly rugged looks of the speakers. On the right of the speaker is a rubberseal flap which houses the battery on / off switch, a DC-in port, an auxiliary port as well as a USB port that you can use to charge your phone.

Users may connect to the A33 speakers via either a Bluetooth connection or using the auxiliary port in case the Bluetooth isn’t working. One of the stranger things about the A33 speakers is the fact that there is no Play or Pause button on the device itself, but it does have a phone answer button. This is a rather peculiar decision by TDK because they could have used the phone call button and double it as the Play and Pause button as well much like other Bluetooth speakers we have reviewed. As far as sound quality is concerned, the A33 speakers performed admirably well, with solid highs and mids. The bass feels punchy indoors, but loses a degree of it when the speakers are played outdoors or in open areas.

The A33’s battery lasts about five to six hours, which is relatively decent in our books, and as an added extra, you can also charge your phone via a micro- USB cable. Another thing to note is that charging the A33 can only be done via the AC charging port, and not only that, the device also supports pass-through USB charging, which means you can charge your speakers and your phone at the same time. The TDK A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speakers are great if you always go outdoors with family and friends. The rugged nature of the device also means it’s useable in almost any weather condition, be it rain or shine.


  • Great sound quality
  • Rugged design
  • Decent battery life


  • Bass drops a few levels when turned on in open spaces
  • No Play/Pause buttons on device

TDK A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speakers Specifications

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Aux-in, USB
  • Built-in Mid-range Speaker: 1.5-inch full range drivers x2
  • Built-in Subwoofer Driver: 2.5-inch subwoofer x1
  • Others: IP64 weatherised design

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