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AB IPBox Prismcube Ruby

AB IPBox Prismcube Ruby Review – The prismcube is by far the most expensive of these receivers and it looks it with a radical design very different to other satellite receivers (or almost anything else to be found under the TV set. The remote control is different too, with a full (but small) QWERTY keyboard on the back, which is useful for the online and multimedia use of the machine.

AB-IPBox-Prismcube-Ruby AB IPBox Prismcube Ruby

AB IPBox Prismcube Ruby

It’s radical on the inside too, not for its hardware but for the software. This machine is the first to use the XBMC media player software that can be expanded and customised in a similar way to Enigma and Spark. It’s a worthy satellite receiver too, with twin HD LNB inputs and HDMI and composite video outputs. Much use is made of the Ethernet connection (or the built-in Wi-fi ), but the Prismcube has only the one USB socket – on the rear. This is partly because it can be fitted with an internal HDD (at extra cost), but a front USB for temporary storage would be nice. Setup is normal enough, albeit with extremely fast database search times, but the Prismcube has no blind search facility. This severely limits its appeal to real satellite enthusiasts.

This is somewhat echoed by the additional search modes for particular pay-TV platforms and the front card reader, which needs additional software to use (although there’s a CI slot next to it for plug-in CAMs). Although the Prismcube can have a hard drive inside, the PVR provisions are no more comprehensive than many PVR-ready receivers. There is no chase play (except using the live pause), recording editing and you can only record two different channels at once (although a third from the same transponders can be viewed).

However, the Prismcube is always buffering the broadcasts, so live pause is instantaneous (paused programmes can be easily converted to permanent recordings) and you can rewind to the last channel change. Playing back other media is down to the XBMC software and it is comprehensive with video, music and photos available from USB storage, the internal drive, the local area network and the internet. You can also install app-like ‘add-ons’ for more local or online media access, or even create your own.

This receiver feels more like a DVD player in use, although the EPG is rather limited. Indeed, it is probably the machine that does the most to bridge the gap between broadcast TV reception and all other media. (Source What Satellite and Digital TV)

AB IPBox Prismcube Ruby Specifications

  • No LNB inputs: 2
  • LNB Loopthrough: No
  • DiSEqC: Level 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, USALS
  • No. channels: 10,000
  • Selectable FEC: No
  • Symbol rate range: 2000-45000
  • Blind search: No
  • Linux: Yes
  • CAM: Card reader
  • Common Interface: Yes
  • Teletext: DVB decoded
  • EPG support: DVB now/next, 7-day
  • Timer: Unlimited events and period
  • Hard drive: Internal option, via USB
  • UHF modulator tuning: No
  • Software upgrade: Online, USB download
  • Data ports: RS232; USB; Ethernet AV outputs
  • SD out: Composite video
  • HD out: HDMI
  • Audio out: Optical digital audio; stereo analogue audio

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