TDK Trek Micro A12

TDK Trek Micro A12 Review – There are many portable speakers on the market, some good and just okay. TDK’s Trek Mikro A12 however, focuses on the basics as well as some core functionalities and that is the ability to deliver music on the go and durability.

TDK Trek Micro A12, Mikro-scopic Simplicity

TDK-Trek-Micro-A12 TDK Trek Micro A12

TDK Trek Micro A12

The speaker does not have fancy designs like most of the portable speakers out on the market. It reveals in a simplistic and minimalist design. It catches the eye, but not for too long, because it is the sounds of music that should captivate you. Straight out of the box, we are greeted with the speaker, a lanyard and a USB cord. There are not many accessories but as you are about to discover soon, it is balanced in usage. Furthermore, it comes in three colours of red, white and black.

The Trek Micro A12 comes with a wide array for connectivity. It has Bluetooth 2.1 capabilities, NFC pairing and an auxiliary jack. You can connect it to a laptop, radio, smartphone or tablet. One of the key features of this speaker is the ability to create a stereo setting by pairing two speakers together creating a more immersive effect. Adaptability is truly an understatement for this portable speaker. Another interesting feature is the lanyard that comes with it. This small tool together with the simplistic design makes the speaker able to travel almost anywhere, by attaching it to gym equipment or attaching it on your bicycle and you won’t have to worry about the weather as it boasts an IP64 certified weatherised design protection. No excuses now for not being able to bring your music with you. The vast simplicity of this speaker however contributes to certain limitations. An example of a drawback would be the lack of audio functions. Most speakers would come with some audio management such as increased bass or surround sound, Trek Micro A12 comes with no control whatsoever, which may irk some music lovers due to the monotone sounds on every genre of music. However, the sound quality is nothing to scoff at; as the music itself is clear and audible.

When it comes to portable music, TDK Trek Micro A12 does deliver at its price. For those gym aficionados and outdoorsmen, this speaker would truly be a godsend. The lack of audio control may be a tad frustrating but it would be far overlooked to those looking for a powerful, portable and durable speaker on the go.


  • Rugged outdoor weather protection
  • Built-in NFC Stereo setting by connecting an additional speaker.
  • Lanyard gives extra portability


  • No audio tuning options

TDK Trek Micro A12 Specifications

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth v2.1, NFC
  • Design: IP64 certified weatherized design protection, Mono Speaker
  • Configuration: One front 1.5” full range driver and one rear 2”passive radiator
  • Size: 82.5 x 82.5 x 29.21 mm

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