Logitech Z200

Logitech Z200 Review – Before their boom in the PC peripherals market, Logitech was known for its excellent line of speakers. The company recently announced a line of new multimedia products, and the Logitech Z200 2.0 speakers are a part of that line.

Logitech Z200, An Affordable Set of 2.0s

Logitech-Z200 Logitech Z200

Logitech Z200

2.0 speakers are essentially a pair of speaker satellites that do not come with any subwoofers. These kinds of speakers are typically paired with notebooks and desktop replacement machines, for users who want to have audio that is comparably better than what their laptop’s speakers are capable of offering. The Z200 is equipped with four drivers housed in two satellite housing to simulate both the treble and bass functionality of typical speakers. Together, these drivers output 10W of peak power, and is loud enough to fill a sizable room.

The controls on the Z200 are fairly straight forward.There is a volume knob on the right hand side of the speaker, with a bass dial at the side. Logitech has also added the option for you to use your headphones and microphone as the Z200 comes with a headphone and microphone port as well. As far as sound quality is concerned, the Z200 works well as a replacement for built-in speakers often seen in laptops and all-in-one desktops.

The audio quality is clearly leaps and bounds ahead of similarly-priced speakers as well, and is great especially if you watch videos or movies on your computer often. That being said, the Z200 is severely lacking in bass, even when the bass dial is set to maximum. In fact, we’d say that regardless at what level you turn the dial, there is no discernible bass whatsoever. This is especially telling when listening to music, where bass is an important aspect of the listening experience. One thing that has remained constant in our many Logitech product reviews is build quality. We’re glad to say that this also happens to be the case with the Z200 as the product is as robust as can be expected, as there are no parts on the device that stick out as being flimsy.

For its price, the Logitech Z200 2.0 speakers is an excellent option if you’re looking for a set of inexpensive speakers to pair with your laptop or even PC. Whilst sound quality could be better, its relatively compact size and good build quality makes up for it at this price range.


  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Has ports for headphones and microphones


  • No bass

Logitech Z200 Specifications

  • Driver size: 2x 2.5-inch
  • Satellites: 2
  • Cable: 1.8m
  • Dimensions: 241.2 X 90 X 124.07mm
  • Price: $40

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