SonicGear Titan 5

SonicGear Titan 5 Review – SonicGear released some interesting variety of audio products these year and with the Titan 5, it looks like it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

SonicGear-Titan-5-300x179 SonicGear Titan 5

SonicGear Titan 5

There has been a wide variety of audio products from SonicGear this year and with the Titan 5, they might have provided a smaller yet equally powerful speaker for those looking for a smaller speaker set which suits rooms or table space perfectly. We took the Titan 5 for a test run and we came back with varying results.

The speaker was simple enough to setup with just the usual plug-ins and arrangement of the satellite speakers. The device came with a jet black theme.The front panel is very straightforward with the usual volume controls, auxiliary settings and media playback settings. On the top of the device is a USB port and a SD card reader which is a plus for accessibility. On its back, it has similar ports as the Titan 7 with the audio in and out ports and the bass control dial being in place.

Feature-wise, this speaker does not differ much from the Titan 7 as it still provides the optional Bluetooth add-on to increase your points of access, and it also has FM radio capabilities for those who still enjoy good old radio stations. Just like its bigger counterpart, it has a bass dial which allows you to set the level of bass at your convenience.

Despite its small size, this device manages to pack a punch when it comes to delivering ear-shattering audio. During our test we were able to feel the deep bass from music genres such as electronic music and studio soundtracks clearly and the clarity of the sounds were astounding. However, the audio quality suffers a bit from videos and movies as the audio tracks are barely audible even with the bass turned down low. However, the background audio provided a different experience as each explosion was impactful and the sounds were crisp and clear.

As we come to a close, the SonicGear Titan 5 is an interesting choice for those who would like a decent level of audio immersion without the size of a big stereo set. While movies and videos may have certain downfalls in terms of voice audio, this device is definitely useful for parties and the sort


  • Good Clarity for music
  • Plenty of access points
  • Good Bassline


  • Voice audio in videos have low audibility

SonicGear Titan 5 Specifications

  • Connectivity: USB 2.0, SD/MMC card reader, Bluetooth (optional)
  • Stereo Configuration: 2×3-inch Satellite driver, 5-inch subwoofer
  • Others: LED Display, FM radio, Time/Volume Control

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