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Worx WG794E Landroid

Worx WG794E Landroid Review – We must say, when you set the WorX Landroid off, it’s a speedy, great-looking machine that feels rather like a mini tank. This is the least expensive robotic mower in this test, and the build shows somewhat – the black matte plastic feels a bit too lightweight for our liking. In fact, the docking port at the front cracked a little during our two-week mowathon (although it didn’t affect performance whatsoever). That said, there are some very nice features on this ‘value’ robot. The best is a rain sensor, which stops the Landroid from operating when it’s wet, the machine only starting to cut again when the weather is better.

Worx-WG794E-Landroid Worx WG794E Landroid

Worx WG794E Landroid

This is, of course, a feature of other models in this test, but they cost a lot more. It’s also got sensors on the top of the machine, enabling it to avoid obstacles (so you don’t have to clear your garden). It did, however, push a football around our test lawn, to much hilarity. Like all the other machines here, the Landroid will go back to its base when the battery is running low. We couldn’t understand why it was going back to its base so often, though – it would zip home when the battery was at 50 per cent. That said, when it went out, it did a great job of tackling some of the longer grass in our garden. And when it’s finished, it will return home using the perimeter wire as a guide. There’s a problem with this approach, though – over time, you may see tracks appearing where the mower finds the boundary wire and then follows it.

The Landroid can deal with slopes on a 20-degree gradient. ours got a little stuck while cutting on an incline (and was wheelspinning a bit), before we gave it a very gentle kick and it carried on. If you have narrow areas in your lawn, though, the Landroid’s compact size and speed make it worth considering. It’ll also cut up to 1,000 sq m on a single charge. A good-value robotic mower.


Rain sensor.

Speedy cutting.

Excellent value for a robotic lawnmower.


Not so good with big slopes.

Follows boundary wire back to home, which can cause tracks.

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