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Top 3D Printers Desktop Options

These printers represent the latest evolution in high performance desktop 3D printing tech. These versatile machines have great features that ensure consistent, high quality 3D prints

1. FORM 1+ (www.formlabs.com COST: $3,299 / 2,799)

Printers-Desktop-Form-1-239x300 Top 3D Printers Desktop Options

Form 1+

Form 1+ is a stylish piece of kit that’s been getting a lot of love recently. An SLA 3D printer, featuring a laser using liquid plastic resin as its ink, one of this nifty little machine’s biggest strengths is the quality and detail of prints it outputs. It’s capable of printing layers just 25 microns thick: that’s a quarter of a human hair!

2. MAKERBOT REPLICATOR (www.makerbot.com COST: £1,999 (excl VAT))

MAKERBOT-REPLICATOR-300x244 Top 3D Printers Desktop Options


Makerbot’s Replicator, is a fast, easy and affordable way to create professionalquality models. This printer is app-and cloud-enabled, with Wi-Fi connectivity ensuring an efficient and seamless workflow. Now the fifth generation of this machine, Replicator is as popular as ever.

3. ULTIMAKER 2 (www.ultimaker.com COST: $2,500)

ULTIMAKER-2-236x300 Top 3D Printers Desktop Options


The Ultimaker 2 is well built with an easy-to-use interface. It creates stunning prints quickly. For beginners, the 3D printer is simple to use and can produce large, high-quality prints. For the more advanced user, the printer and Cura software it uses are both open source and ready for creative ambitions to be explored.

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