Bosch Indego

Bosch Indego Review – The Indego, along with the WorX Landroid , is the most accessible of robotic lawnmowers. You don’t need to go to a dealer, there’s no surveying of your garden – you can pick one up at your local dIY store. When you take the Indego out of its box, there’s no mistaking it’s a Bosch machine, being swathed in green, red and grey. It looks like a typical electric lawnmower – but we wanted something a little more futuristic, a little cooler. It’s all a bit plasticky. setting up the Indego is simple enough – like all of the machines in this test. The manual gives clear direction, although you have to follow it very carefully.

Bosch-Indego Bosch Indego

Bosch Indego

You’ll need at least two metres of straight perimeter wire cable going into the docking station from each side, otherwise the mower won’t take off. It’s also advised that when pegging the wire, you leave the pegs two centimetres above the ground. We made the mistake of knocking them in a bit far, and when cutting on a slope the Indego chewed right through the cable. Nothing a bit of electrical tape couldn’t fix, though. once you’ve pinned the wire down, you map your garden by setting the mower off from its base station. It then wanders around and stores the size and shape of your garden in its memory. once that’s all done, the cutting can start. Cutting height is adjusted manually, and programming it to go out every day is a little fiddly. And there’s no rain sensor here, so it’ll go out even if it’s chucking it down (which isn’t great for grass).

What is great about the Indego is Logicut. This cuts your lawn in consecutive lanes to make sure the cut is even and there’s complete coverage. After a couple of weeks in use, our 200 sq m test lawn looked healthier – the Bosch did a good job of managing the slopes and obstacles as well. however, our real gripe about the Indego is the noise. This isn’t one for cutting at night or early in the morning.


  • Mows the lawn in lanes so that it doesn’t miss any patches.
  • Simple setup.
  • Easily available locally.


  • It was the noisiest machine we tested
  • It took more setting up than most

Bosch Indego Specifications

  • POWER 32.4 V Li-ion battery
  • CHARGING Automatic
  • CUTTING HEIGHT 20-60mm, adjustable
  • MAXIMUM AREA 1,000 sq m
  • MAXIMUM INCLINE 35 per cent
  • RUN TIME 50 mins (average)
  • CHARGE TIME 50 mins

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