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Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News Digest Review – For those of us who are too busy or tired to trawl through a stack of newspapers or websites, Yahoo! News Digest provides the top stories for easy, bite-size digestion. It delivers 8-12 articles twice daily, at 8am and 6pm, with a notification. If you miss an update, you can access previous ‘digests’ by tapping the date. You can also switch between UK, US, Canadian and international editions.

Yahoo News Digest, Get daily news delivered to your device in manageable chunks

Yahoo-News-Digest Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News Digest

The simple main menu shows a single large photo and headline for the top story, while you can scroll down to see headlines for the rest. Each numbered story has a row of icons to indicate whether it features an image gallery, infographic, map, stats, Twitter tweets, video or Wikipedia link. At the bottom of the headlines, a numbered dial shows which stories you’ve already read. And if you’re hungry for more news, an arrow reveals extra headlines. Tapping on a headline will switch to the reading screen to show the full story.

This interface is very swish, with the large photo at the top gradually scrolling off screen as you move down the text, while you can swipe sideways to switch stories. The articles are attractively laid out, with the body text broken up by colour co-ordinated pull-quotes, photo montages and even videos – although the latter must be played in another app.

At the bottom you’ll also find a link to a more in-depth story on the topic, plus ‘Learn more’ links, related Twitter tweets and links to the same story on alternative news sources. As well as being stylish, it’s all very well thought out to enable users to take in as little or much information as they want. The app also comes with a fairly small widget which you can swipe to see the top story.

Yahoo News Digest Specifications

  • Price: Free
  • Designed for: Phone and tablet
  • Requires Android: 4.0

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