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Armaggeddon Kai-9 Sentinel

Armaggeddon Kai-9 Sentinel Review – We’ve reviewed a fair number of keyboards, ranging from typical office keyboards to mechanical and gaming ones. Manufacturers these days have to constantly be creative with their offerings so that they remain competitive in the market.

Armaggeddon Kai-9 Sentinel, As Colourful As They Come

Armaggeddon has launched another new gaming keyboard known as the Kai-9 Sentinel, and it’s a colourful one. Much like many of Armaggeddon’s previous keyboard offerings, the Kai-9 Sentinel is made mostly out of reinforced polycarbonate, ensuring that it is robust, slightly rugged, yet light enough to be carried around. Unlike many keyboards we have reviewed in the past, the Kai-9 Sentinel uses silent membrane switches instead of Cherry mechanical switches.

Armaggeddon-Kai-9-Sentinel Armaggeddon Kai-9 Sentinel

Armaggeddon Kai-9 Sentinel

That being said, Armaggeddon claims that the Kai-9 Sentinel’s keys have a keystroke lifespan of up to 100 million times, which is no small number by any means. The keyboard comes with a number of features that are commonly touted in many gaming keyboards, including three profiles, six macroable keys, multimedia shortcuts, such as Play and Pause buttons, volume controls, and polling keys which controls the response rate of the keyboard.

Performance-wise, the Kai-9 Sentinel performs admirably well. While its responsiveness isn’t up to par compared to its mechanical-switched brethren, the travel of the keys is deep enough that you don’t get fatigued easily unlike many other similar models. It also comes with a software that allows you to set macros and various other options on the keyboard, and the best part is that these settings are saved directly on the keyboard, allowing you to bring it along and plug it in to any PC without having to set anything again, which is very useful if you travel around often. That being said, the main attraction of the keyboard is the fact that it is backlit, with up to seven colours to choose from, including red, green, purple, yellow and three shades of blue.

If that’s not enough, there’s also three ways you can choose to display these colours. One complaint we do have about this feature is the fact that the manual does not properly explain how to achieve these different effects. Pressing the FN and Print Screen key toggles the pulsing effect, while FN and Scroll key changes the brightness level, or turns off the backlit feature. To cycle through the colours available on the keyboard, you need to press FN and the Pause/Break key. If you’re looking for a keyboard that is inexpensive, usable and colourful, the Armaggeddon Kai-9 Sentinel may just be the one you’re looking for.


  • Colourfully backlit
  • Easy to use software
  • Programmable keys
  • Cheap


  • Manual doesn’t adequately show the keyboard’s features
  • Confusing use of shortcut keys for backlighting options

Armaggeddon Kai-9 Sentinel Specifications

  • Switches: Silent Membrane
  • NKRO: USB 2.0/PS2
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Others: Three profiles, 6 macro keys, multimedia shortcuts, 7 backlight colours
  • Price USD $80

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