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Logitech G500s

Logitech G500s Review – Over the years, Logitech has produced a fair share of excellent gaming mice. We recently got to review one of the latest in their lineup and after giving the G500s a spin; we have to say it was a force to be reckoned with. As we first grasp the gaming mouse, we felt the ease in which the buttons are placed and the grip of the mouse. It seems the more we play with it, the more interesting it becomes.

Logitech G500s, Performance Meets Stealth

Logitech-G500s Logitech G500s

Logitech G500s

Logitech G500s has an adjustable tracking resolution that ranges from 200 to 8200dpi. It also comes with a weight case of up to 27grams. On top of that, it also has a dual scrolling wheel as well as 10 programmable macro buttons. Like most gaming mice these days, the G500s also features a button on the side of the mouse that allows gamers to tweak the sensitivity setting on-the-fly. An interesting feature included with the dual scrolling is how the annoying sound of scrolling is replaced by the silent scrolls as you interchange between two different modes. During our test, we tested the performance of the mouse in two different game categories. The first game we tested on was the popular MOBA League of Legends, to which we set the dpi to 1800 dpi and used 10 grams of weight. With these settings, it performed flawlessly whether it was multitasking through the different macros or defeating enemies through a flurry of well-placed spells. We also tested the mouse on an FPS such as PlanetSide 2 in order to measure how the weights and the interchangeable dpi settings on the mouse affect gameplay. Our results were astounding, as not only does changing the dpi changes how we use different weapons, by removing the weights, we can respond to changes in the game faster as well as create precise shots on the enemy without any hassle. It can be smooth to the touch as well as precise. The gaming grade laser makes it a pleasure on any surface material without sacrificing performance. The G500s however, has certain drawbacks. While the macros work wonderfully, the placement of the buttons can create discomfort for certain games that extensively use commands. In conclusion, the G500s is a truly powerful gaming mouse with versatility as well as precision. Whether you are a gamer who lives on fast paced shooters or slow paced strategy games, the G500s is able to handle any task given.


  • Good performance
  • 8200dpi
  • Multiple weight options
  • 10 Programmable buttons


  • Plasticky build
  • Macro buttons are placed too close to each other

Logitech G500s Specifications

  • Tracking Resolution: 200dpi – 8200dpi
  • Image processing: 12 megapixels/second
  • Max. Acceleration (On Gaming Mousepads): 30G
  • Max. Speed (On Gaming Mousepads): up to 165-inches (4.19 meters)/second
  • Weight: 165 grams without additional weight tuning (Up to 192 grams with weight tuning)

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