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Armaggeddon Kalashnikov AK-770i

Armaggeddon Kalashnikov AK-770i Review – Armaggeddon is no stranger to the gaming peripheral market and with the Kalashnikov AK-770i, Armageddon intends to harness the raw power and image of the famous assault rifle and transfer it to digital warfare. Straight out of the box, the AK-770i looks good in its black exterior body. The buttons feel good when typing and the space between each button is adequately placed causing no major problems when it comes to ergonomics.

Armaggeddon-Kalashnikov-AK-770i Armaggeddon Kalashnikov AK-770i

Armaggeddon Kalashnikov AK-770i

After getting a feel of the gaming keyboard, the build may feel plastic but it looks good from afar. It has back-lit keys which can change to four different colours depending on the user preference. It connects to the PC via a USB cable and installation is easy and painless with just a simple Plug and Play that is the norm with most keyboards on the market.

This keyboard has some interesting features that gamers may find intriguing such as the six shortcuts located on the side of the keyboard which can enable Window lock, Keyboard Lock, Increase/ Decrease key sensitivity, Change the WASD configuration to directional buttons, change the colour scheme of the backlit keyboard and change the brightness of the LED lights. The keyboard uses silent membrane switches which can last up to 50 million lifecycles and it has anti-ghosting and N-key rollover with 13 macro keys for better gameplay experience During our tests, the AK-770i performed marvellously throughout work and game related tasks. We tested the keyboard on different types of games such as Mortal Kombat, Skyrim and Company of Heroes 2 for various styles of gameplay.

The anti-ghosting feature comes in handy for games which require simultaneous clicking and with the on-the-go sensitivity switch, we can change the sensitivity to match our style of play very easily. Even during FPS games such as Red Orchestra 2, we found that gameplay was smooth and actions were carried out effectively and accurately. Typing was also a great experience on the AK-770i, as the silent membrane switches allows us to glide through words easily and isn’t as disruptive as mechanical keyboards. In conclusion, the Armageddon Kalashnikov AK-770i is a good keyboard for its price range that can meet the demands of any gamers with any style of play and level.


  • Sensitive and accurate response
  • Smooth typing experience
  • Handy shortcuts


  • Plasticky Build

Armaggeddon Kalashnikov AK-770i Specifications

  • Switches: Membrane silent switch
  • Interface: Full Speed USB
  • Switch Life: 50 Million clicks
  • Others: N-Key Rollover with 13 macro keys

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