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Logitech G710+

Logitech G710+ Review – Logitech doesn’t make many mechanical keyboards but the Logitech G710+ changes that as its appearance marks the rise of Logitech prominence in the gaming platform. But how well does it perform compared to its competition in the market, we help you find out. First off, the design of the keyboard brings back the usual Logitech design with its logo and product name visibly seen all around the keyboard.

Logitech-G710--300x148 Logitech G710+

Logitech G710+

This keyboard has six macro keys located on the left side with orange borders to separate it from the standard keys, as well as three memory profile buttons, separate light indicators and media keys all located on the top of the keyboard. It also has a unique volume roller to easily change the volume on the fly. Additionally, it also houses an external USB port making it easier to plug your headphones in without searching for one on your PC.

Logitech keyboards are well known for their variety of features that always come with the package. It has dual zone lighting functionality, which is useful for gamers in their dark gaming dens as it allows users the choice of illuminating the usual gaming keys or the whole keyboard. The sic G-keys located on the keyboard also provides 18 additional functions per game, all within a single keystroke. Gamers are also be able to play their games with increased accuracy with the game mode button which turns off your Windows key. Additionally, it has a removable Palm rest support at your convenience for long gaming sessions.

The gaming keyboard is not just for show as it provides gamers with an avenue for destruction with its performance. We tested the keyboard on three varied genres of modern gaming, such as FPS, RTS and MOBA styled games to test how well it does in different scenarios. In games like Company of Heroes 2 whereby it’s all about the response, the keyboard does exceptionally well as we were able to send army commands while utilising command shortcuts easily and quickly.

We had also tested the device on MOBA’s such as Dota 2 and LoL with the keyboard 26 key rollovers performing at satisfactory levels with no lag in between actions. The only downside thus far is the awkward macro placement on the side makes it hard to actually utilise on the fly. After all is said and done, the Logitech G710+ is a gaming keyboard worth mentioning but at its current price, it might be too pricey for some, but for those with cash to splash, this keyboard should be on the top of your wish list.


  • Fast response rate
  • Multi-Function light indicators
  • Variety of features


  • Awkward macro placement

Logitech G710+ Specifications

  • Switches: Mechanical
  • NKRO: USB 3.0
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Others: 2x USB ports

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