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Tinkering With Portable DVD Players

Never tried to tinker a portable dvd players? These usually have screws of varying lengths in the back. After you remove those, the back should come off, but make sure to have the unit lying on its face, because the laser sled assembly can fall out and tear its ribbon cables if you hold it in any other orientation. The assembly sits on rubber bumpers, and the back holds it in place. It’s supposed to be loose, for vibration damping and skip resistance. See Figure below.

Inside-a-Portable-DVD-Player-300x233 Tinkering With Portable DVD PlayersIf you need to get to the LCD monitor and its associated circuitry, including the backlight inverter, its screws are probably under the rubber bumpers on each side at the top. Check the back of the LCD before peeling off the bumpers, though, in case the screws are back there. On many players, the plastic bezel will come off the front, with the LCD anchored to the back, but some are the other way around. Often, the speakers are on the bezel, connected by wires, so remove it carefully to avoid tearing them. If the bezel won’t come off after you pull the screws, it either has internal snaps or is glued at the seam. Many of them are glued to prevent rattling from speaker vibrations. Use the snap-popping procedure. If you find no snaps, try gently peeling up the bezel one edge at a time. The feel of separating glue will be unmistakable. Just remember not to let the bezel pop off hard or you’ll probably rip out those speaker wires. See Figure below.

LCD-with-bezel-off-300x215 Tinkering With Portable DVD Players

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