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How To Setup eBay Account

Whether you’re planning to do lots of selling or just a bit of bargain hunting, you’ll need to register for an eBay account. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Head to www.ebay.com and in the top-left corner, you’ll see a link to ‘sign in or register’. Click on the link to register to get started. There are two types of eBay account: personal and business. For starters, we’ll assume you want a personal account; you can always convert it later.Register-an-account-eBay How To Setup eBay Account
  2. Now you’ll be asked for some details: your first name, surname, email address and password. Type these into the boxes as required. The form asks you to type your password twice, which is just to make sure you haven’t made a typo and created a password you can’t remember!Registration-Form-eBay How To Setup eBay Account
  3. This page also asks you to accept the User Agreement. Click on the link to read it – it’s all pretty standard stuff, but it’s worth taking a moment or two just to make sure you know what you’re signing up for.
  4. eBay will now automatically generate a UserID for you based on your name. If you don’t want to use it, click Continue, then go to My eBay. Click on Account, and under Personal information you can edit your username. This can be changed once every 30 days, if you change your mind again.Change-user-ID-ebay How To Setup eBay Account
  5. Next, you need to fill in the other details under My Account. Start with clicking on Addresses and fill in your postal address; eBay needs this so anything you buy can be sent to you. You’ll need to re-enter your password to fill in this information, so you know it’s secure.
  6. Another thing you’ll need to set up is your PayPal account. If you sell on eBay, you have to accept PayPal as a payment method, and eBay will also take fees from your account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up from the form linked under PayPal Account.
  7. In My Account, you can also set up Communication Preferences, which will control how eBay lets you know about recent activity (e.g. someone bidding on your items, or an auction you’re watching ending). You can change any of this at any time.
    eBay-Communication-Prefences How To Setup eBay Account
  8. If any of your personal information changes in the future, like if you move house, you’ll need to come back to this page to let eBay know. Just click My Account and change your details – after all, you wouldn’t want your eBay buys going to the wrong address!
  9. My Account is also where you’ll see all your recent activity on eBay, like items you’ve bought, or feedback you’ve received. Once you’re used to it, it’s very easy to navigate, so take a bit of time to get familiar.
  10. Before you move on, it’s worth setting up a secret question in case you ever forget your password. Click ‘Create’ next to Secret Question under Personal Information, and make it something you’ll definitely remember.

After all these steps complete, now you’re ready to list your items on eBay. Check our guide how to make good listing on eBay.

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