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GAW Miners Hashlet

Bitcoin mining has changed dramatically in the five years since its inception. Today, GAW Miners is leading the charge toward mainstream Bitcoin mining with its new line of cloud-based Hashlet mining ASICs.

Start From Hobby To Profit

GAW-Miners-Hashlet-Solo-Digital-Cloud-Miner GAW Miners Hashlet

GAW Miners Hashlet Solo Digital Cloud Miner (Source : Computer Power User)

In Bitcoin mining’s early days, people largely mined Bitcoin using their own general purpose desktop PCs to help maintain the block chain, or distributed public ledger that verifies all Bitcoin transactions. In exchange for their spare cycles, miners received payment in the form of Bitcoins, and success with these methods naturally led people to beef up their systems for the express purpose of mining. Eventually, though, people with the know-how found a smarter way to mine using custom ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits), which could do the job faster and using much less power. As the demand for these ASICs increased, companies sprang up to provide them, and the business of Bitcoin changed again.

GAW Miners Emerges

GAW Miners CEO Josh Garza says that when the company started in March 2014, there was a lot of opportunity—and a lot of abuse. “That was a very dangerous time for consumers in the Bitcoin-mining industry,” Garza says. “Most manufacturers overpriced their products and many took pre-orders a year in advance but never delivered or ran off with their customers’ Bitcoins. We wanted to change the industry by making it trustworthy and reliable, which would in turn make the Bitcoin community a better place.” Customers responded, and GAW Miners saw its business skyrocket. But Garza and his team soon realized that in order for Bitcoin mining to go mainstream, there had to be a way to provide Bitcoin-mining capabilities to folks who lacked the technical savvy to set up and run their own ASIC solutions, not to mention the ability to troubleshoot them when things went awry.

Hashlet Is Born

GAW Miners’ solution to these challenges is the Hashlet family of cryptocurrency-mining ASICs. Hashlets are highly powerful and extremely reliable, and the best part is that when you buy a Hashlet of your own, GAW Miners sets up and runs it for you in its own data center facility; all you have to do is watch the Bitcoins roll in. “If you can open an email, you can operate a Hashlet,” Garza says.

To get started, visit www.gawminers.com/hashlet and order a Hashlet Solo for Scrypt mining or a Hashlet Genesis for SHA-256 mining. Once your order is completed, you’ll receive an email with an activation code and instructions for how to set up your account in the ZenCloud. And that’s it! Your Hashlet is happily mining away, and deposits your payout into your ZenCloud account on a daily basis. You can withdraw Bitcoins at any time by moving them to your BTC wallet.

Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All

GAW Miners provides a wide variety of Hashlets that vary primarily by their hashing power, expressed in megahashes or gigahashes per second. This means that you can begin mining Bitcoin with Hashlets at the level that you’re most comfortable with and easily add additional Hashlets over time as your needs change. GAW Miners has also created an online marketplace where users can buy and sell Hashlets, making it easier than ever to fine-tune your mining capability. And speaking of the GAW Miners customer community, one good way to gauge the success miners are having with Hashlets is to stop by Hashtalk.org, where you will find mining success stories, expert advice from Bitcoin-mining veterans, and more.

One Hashlet user, xinit, writes: “I found GAW and Zen through some post on reddit, and unlike other virtual hosting and mining markets, Zen seemed to have something both easy to understand and easy to start. Transferred in some small amount of BTC that I’d acquired, and I bought a Hashlet. It’s so stupid easy that it’s more than a little bit addictive. It just works, and I don’t need to do any of the work I’d need to with a tangible hardware miner.”

Hashlets Work

As this and many other user testimonials show, GAW Miners’ Hashlets are the easiest, most hassle-free way to get into Bitcoin mining today. If you’re interested in joining the cryptocurrency-mining community and seeing real returns on your investment, you owe it to yourself to head to gawminers.com and learn more about Hashlets today.

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