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Kaspersky Suffers Attack From Hackers

Kaspersky, maker of anti-virus software, has recently been attacked by cyber-criminals. The people behind the attack are the creators of the Duqu malware, which affected industrial facilities throughout the world in 2011. Dubbed Duqu 2.0, the new virus is a highly complex malware – and Kaspersky is simply one of its targets.

Besides the security company, the nuclear negotiations taking place between the permanent members of the UN Security Council and Iran were also hacked, along with the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The attacks have been taking place since January, but Kaspersky is still dealing with the ramifications. According to the findings of the virus protection company, Duqu 2.0 did not cause any damage, but simply collected information.

Kaspersky-labs-hacked Kaspersky Suffers Attack From Hackers

Suspected state-sponsored hackers use highly complex malware to attack the anti-virus protectors.

However, it has allegedly failed to obtain any details regarding Kaspersky’s anti-virus applications, as had they obtained such an information, it would have made all of Kaspersky’s products useless. The virus was able to get this far on account of three unpatched security loopholes in Kaspersky’s systems. An installation file slipped through these so-called zero-day loopholes, which then used remote access operations to download software off the internet.

According to Kaspersky, the software was so subtle that it left no traces behind on the hard drives. Given the fact that Duqu 2.0 is so technologically complex and advanced, Kaspersky is of the opinion that the entities behind it are state-sponsored hackers or intelligence agencies.

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