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Spotify Says Sorry For Policy

The head of Spotify, Daniel Ek (in case you were wondering), has said sorry after users became angry over the service’s updated privacy policy. Some users, including influential Minecraft creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, had gone as far as saying that they were leaving the service altogether following the release of revised T&Cs, which outlined the firm’s desire to access pictures, contact details and sensor data from users’ smartphones.

Spotify-says-sorry Spotify Says Sorry For Policy

Ek has since spoken out to clarify things in a blog post, apologising for any “confusion” that these changes caused, adding that it “should have done a better job in communicating what these policies mean and how any information you choose to share will – and will not – be used.”

Apparently, Spotify has no plans to access or import data overt permission, although it’s worth noting that many smartphone users don’t always fully understand how permissions work. However, with 75 million active users, Spotify has got plenty of goodwill in the bank. Shame that this latest incident has damaged that a little.

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