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Adobe announces major Photoshop and Lightroom CC upgrade

Adobe’s Creative Cloud customers are now able to download the major 2015 update to the brand’s apps, including the Lightroom and Photoshop image-editing software. Once the download is complete, users can access a host of new features as well as enjoying an increase in general performance.

New for Photoshop CC 2015 is the addition of Content-Aware Fill for Panoramas, which allows the software to fill in those gaps in the corners of the frame that are always created when stitching a pano. Also new are enhanced blur options that offer more control, such as being able to add monochromatic or colour Noise to an image for a more realistic result. Photoshop’s Layer Styles options have also been enhanced, allowing you to add multiple Drop Shadows, Strokes or Colour/Gradient Overlays to your Layers.

Adobe-creative-cloud-upgrade Adobe announces major Photoshop and Lightroom CC upgrade

Adobe’s Creative Cloud has a host of new features available to customers who download its latest update.

Lightroom CC users haven’t been neglected, with the addition of a Dehaze option in the Adjustments panel, which also features in Adobe Camera Raw. The slider adds or removes fog and haze from your images and can be used to clean up frames or to add mood and atmosphere. Mono devotees will be pleased to hear that there are now Black & White sliders available in local adjustment options like Graduated Filters, Adjustment Brushes and Radial Filters to fine-tune your desaturated masterpieces. There is no charge for the update and newcomers can still trial the full software free for 30 days.

In addition to the app updates, Adobe has launched an image stock library. Members can buy images for use in projects, choosing from 40 million photos, or upload their own content to sell with Adobe offering 33% of the sale price.

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